07 januari 2014

Nominated in iCulture Awards 2013

Who? the Game is nominated for the iCulture Awards 2013

Who? the Game had a great year with an extra bonus at the end, we got nominated for the iCulture Awards 2013 in 2 categories: Beste New App and Best iPhone Game.

08 november 2013

AppsZoom review

Great review Who? the Game on AppsZoom

Another great review on Who? the Game, written by Anna Grace for AppsZoom.

"Perfect graphics and smooth interface"


Remember the time that you played the classic board game "Guess Who" back in the '80s and the excitement that it brought when you saw that your opponent only had 5 or 6 tiles left ... ?

Now you can re-live that feeling when you play our new game Who? against your Facebook friends! Who? is the game for two players where you must guess which (common) Facebook friend your opponent has as a target. Use our default questions (man or woman, glasses, beard) or ask your own original and personal questions that can be answered with yes or no. How well do you know your Facebook friends?

Buy extra credits for hints for accelerating the game. Challenge your Facebook friends, no matter what platform (iOS or Android) he / she uses!

Challenge your Facebook friends in the most social game on the planet! Follow Who? on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news. Support at

Who? the Game - screendumps

Who? is available for iOS and Android. Play against your Facebook friends!

Speciale game feature ... Double Trouble!

With Who? we introduce a special game feature for our Premium users, Double Trouble!

Double Trouble doesn't give you one ... but two targets to guess!

So it changes the way you ask your questions, beacause a simple Is it a man? doesn't help you that much!

So be creative in asking questions and beat your Facebook opponent in this challenging game feature.

About the App

* Free to play
* Play with your Facebook friends. 
* Pick easy to use icons to ask questions or be creative and use all your knowledge about your friends.
* Use hints and we give you a helping hand.
* Play Double Trouble as extra game feature (can only be started by a premium user)

The game is universal, so can be played on iPhone and iPad and Android. Continue on another device with the games you started on your phone or tablet!